Rocky Ridge



We began a search for the perfect family pet, and considered many breeds. We then found the Australian Shepherd, and were taken aback by their beauty, intelligence and willingness to please. We wanted something a little smaller and were referred to the Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd. They fit the bill! An animal that was great with kids, energetic, intelligent and small enough to travel with. WE WERE IN LOVE!  After endless hours of research we decided that the Miniature Australian Shepherd breed was the breed for us, and the rest has been history. 

All of our dogs are family pets first and foremost. Puppies are raised indoors under the strict supervision of the family. Our little ones are socialized from birth (very minimally at first) with both adults, children and other dogs. We have only a few litters per year, making each new litter a celebration. Puppies are exposed to many different surfaces (wood, ceramic, grass, dirt, laminate, carpet etc.) throughout their time with us, making them more comfortable when being introduced to their new home. 

Puppies photo's are posted on our website from birth, but no one is reserved until between 4-6 weeks as we feel that personality and energy level  are VERY important when placing pets. Puppies are re-homed between eight and ten weeks, possibly older depending on maturity and size. If we do not feel a puppy is ready to go they will stay here until we feel they are ready. We enjoy having them!  

We breed to the ASDR & AKC breed standard, and take pride in the quality of our animals. This is not my job, but my hobby. I spend hours grooming, playing, making vet trips, going for walks and spending quality time with my doggies.  

All of my adults are health screened to ensure healthy and happy puppies. ALL of my adults are tested for the PRA gene, a genetic eye disorder. Many of my dogs are also tested for MdR1, Hereditary Cataracts, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dyslpasia and have current CERF exams. My entire kennel is tested clear of Degenerative Myleopathy.

All adults and puppies are fed high quality kibble, with their best interest in mind. With such a small breeding program we are able to cater to each dogs specific needs. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the breed, or our dogs. For information on future litters or available puppies please see our above tabs. 

Thank-you for reading!

Our Kennel includes bloodlines such as Pocket, Southern Cross, Coattails, Pruitt, Kent, HHC & Shadylane. We couldn't be happier with the quality of Miniature Australian Shepherds we have here with us!

Located in beautiful Bancroft, ON

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