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Hi Andrew,
He is doing great and I just love him so much!  
I have attached some pics for you, they all truly show his awesome personality.  It'll be a year this Sunday since the day I came and picked him up from you, and it was the best decision I ever made.  Thank you so much!  I have been wanting to get in touch to let you know how wonderful he is and how happy we are! 
Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing you.
All the best!

Hi Andrew,

Just thought you might want an update on Roxie. She is such a sweetheart and has fit perfectly into our family. She already knows sit, down, shake a paw and come. She loves people, children and other animals. Her best friend is one of our cats, Dexter. Last time she was at the vet she weighed 7 lbs and my vet was very pleased with her progress.
Everyone who meets her loves her, but not as much as we do!!
Here is a picture of her in our backyard I took on the weekend.
Thanks for adding to our family

Hey Andrew, 

We have some pictures of Hank (now Koda)!!!

Just in case you wanna see how he's doing!
We have all said that he should model for pet-food ads :D !!!
He's doing wonderful, he's very calm and patient!
LOVES sitting on our laps in the car and sticking his head out the window!
Going to obedience school in may! 

Hello Andrew!!!

Hope all is well :)

I wanted to send you a picture of Boba-Fett and let you know what a beautiful and INSANELY INTELLIGENT boy he's grown into!!!He is just the most wonderful and loveable dog we could have ever hoped for :)  He is so smart it really blows our mind everyday - he is currently training in agility and has an absolute natural talent and speed that shocks us all during every class!! He is SO sensitive when it comes to both A. and myself, and our other new puppy "Wicket".  We have our first baby on the way in October and he has been so great with helping me and making sure Im always ok - he has also been a great help in training our other dog when she was new to the family - even now we just have to ask him to "go get her" or "take her outside" or "where is Wicket" and he is right there lol  Its amazing.

Anyways - hope all is well and you are still breeding because Boba-Fett is a CLEAR indication that your dogs make wonderful babies!!!!!

Talk to you soon :)

My parents bought our puppy, Mya, from you a couple of months ago.  I just wanted to write and give you an update on her:)  She went to the vet on May 8 for her 3rd shots and weighed 10.3 lbs, she is growing so fast!  She caught on to house training pretty quickly, which was nice, and she has such a big personality, loves to cuddle and snuggle when she isn't playing.  She is hilarious and we all love her.  Our other dog Toffee, a cocker spaniel, was a little unsure about her at first, but now they really get along.  Her best buddy is Howard, our cat though, they play fight for hours! She is the smartest thing and mimics everything Toffee does, it's pretty cute.  We couldn't be more happy with her:) I attached some pictures of her so you can see how she's doing.  
Talk soon, 

Hi from Steve & Claire,
Just want to let you know that Flash, now named Remi or Remington, is doing just fine.
The drive home was great, he was very good in the car. He's adjusted to his new home quickly.
He's been very playful and cuddly. He slept all night in his big comfy new bed. We just adore him.
Steve took him for a car ride today and was very good. Thanks so much, you can be assured that he
will always have a good home and always be spoiled rotten.
Steve & Claire

Just a few of the many great emails I have received from paspuppy buyers!