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Rocky Ridge Miniature American Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

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  • How did you hear about Rocky Ridge Miniature American Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds?
  • Is this your first puppy? If not, what is your previous dog experience?
  • Do you have children? Have they been taught how to properly interact with dogs before?
  • Why do you feel the Miniature American Shepherd or Miniature Australian Shepherd breeds are the one for you?
  • Miniature American Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds shed moderately year-round, and heavily twice per year. Is this an issue?
  • These dogs are active and require physical and mental stimulation each day. How do you intend to ensure your dog is receiving the required stimulation?
  • Socialization is an important aspect of raising a well-rounded dog. How do you intend to properly socialize your puppy?
  • Where will the dog be housed?
  • What other dogs are in your home? Are they spayed/neutered?
  • Due to the nature of Miniature Australian Shepherds and Miniature American Shepherds height cannot be guaranteed. If the dog is to exceed 18” is this an issue?
  • These breeds are often naturally reserved, protective, and prefer the companionship of their families. Is this an issue?
  • How many hours will your dog be home alone each day?
  • What plans do you have for training your future dog? Will you be using a trainer or attending classes?
  • Rocky Ridge puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts as pets only and breeding rights are not provided. This is mandatory to all dogs sold as companions. Is this an issue?
  • Do you have a preference of available puppies, or are you looking to future litters? What colour/gender are you looking for?
  • Please describe your perfect puppy. Please remember these are Aussies, not labs. When describing your perfect puppy look at the breed description to ensure that this is the breed for you.