All puppies sold as PETS leave with this contract. It MUST be signed at pick-up time. You are agreeing to this contract prior to pickup and for the entire lifetime of the dog. Contracts may vary slightly.


Sales Contract


This contract is entered between: 

Rocky Ridge

hereinafter known as the "SELLER"



Address:______________________________     Province:_____________________________

Home Phone:__________________________ Cell Phone:_____________________________

Email Address:________________________________________________________________


Hereinafter known as the "BUYER".  

Puppy Description:

Sire:______________________                 Dam:___________________________

Puppy Name: _______________               Birth-date: ______________________

Breed:    Miniature Australian Shepherd                       Gender:Female / Male

Colour: __________________                   Eye Colour: ____________________

Puppy Purchased for the sum of:______________________________________________

Date Picked Up:___________________________________________________________

The undersigned Purchaser agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  • Purchaser will provide, all at his or her own expense, proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, kind treatment and proper medical care for the dog at all times. With this contract, you are agreeing to provide yearly vaccines, spay and neuter, and health examinations by a licensed veterinarian. We will do all we can to answer your questions and support your transition as your new companion adjusts.

  • All vet fees will be the responsibility of the Buyer. Under no circumstance will the Seller be responsible for the cost of any medical services while the dog is in the Buyer’s possession.

  • Puppy will be spayed/ neutered by eight months of age. This dog will not be bred at any point in their lifetime. Purchaser is fully aware that it is his/her obligation to inform the breeder when his/her dog has been spayed/ neutered. This can be completed through email or phone call. BREEDER MUST BE INFORMED BY 8 MONTHS. If this said dog produces or sires a litter before they are altered the Seller has the right to take back the said dog and it's puppies at NO COST to the Seller.

  • Buyer agrees to take responsibility of registering the dog purchased from the Seller if they decide to do so. Registration is NOT the responsibility of the Seller. Registration papers will be provided by the Seller once certificate of the dogs spay/neuter is received from the Buyer.

  • The dogs registration name must include the prefix "Rocky Ridge-". Under no circumstances will any other word/phrase become the prefix of the registration name.

  • If the Purchaser intends to transfer the ownership of the dog purchased from the seller for ANY reason they are to contact the Seller FIRST. Seller has the first right to take the dog back at NO COST to the Seller, or to help rehome the dog. No dog shall EVER be surrendered to a shelter or pound. 

  • The spay/neuter clause in this contract remains in effect if ownership of this dog is to be transferred. 

  • The Seller CANNOT guarantee the size of your puppy. Sizes in Aussies can vary, and parental size does not guarantee adult size of puppies.

  • Seller makes no guarantee to the future temperament of the dog. Temperament is a result of the animals environment.

One Year Health Guarantee:

  • It is very important that puppies be vet-checked by Buyer within 72 hours of purchase. If puppy is not vet checked within 72 hours of purchase the one year warranty against genetic defects is VOID. In the event of illness within 72 hours after the puppy leaves the possession of the Seller the Buyer will receive a refund of the full purchase price, providing the Buyer returns the dog back alive, with vet papers to the Seller. We do not pay vet bills under any circumstances.

  • Seller warranties this puppy free from "genetic defects" such as deafness, serious eye defects or hip dysplasia , that would inhibit the puppy from performing as a companion animal up until the dog is twelve months of age. After twelve months of age the guarantee is void. If puppy is affected by genetic defect before twelve months of age buyer must provide copies of ALL medical findings to Andrew's Aussies. Andrew's Aussies reserves the right to have the puppy examined by their local veterinarian. Buyer has the option to: Keep the puppy in question and receive 1/2 of the purchase price back OR return puppy in question and receive a puppy of equal value when they become available.

  • If an eye issue is to become present the puppy must be examined by a registered Veterinarian Ophthalmologist at the cost of the Buyer. Seller must receive written proof from the Ophthalmologist regarding the genetic eye problem. If a genetic hip abnormality becomes present hip x-rays must be examined by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) at the cost of the Buyer. Written proof of the genetic hip abnormality must be provided to the Seller.

  • Minor health related issues such as parasites, diarrhea, coccidiosis etc. are not covered under the health guarantee. Though the Seller has taken every precaution to prevent these issues they are common in puppies, and can be brought about due to the stress of entering a new environment.

  • The Seller is not responsible to pay ANY vet bills during the life of the said dog.

This contract is only valid while the Seller continues to breed Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds. Should the seller discontinue their breeding program this contract becomes VOID. Seller reserves the  right to discontinue their breeding of Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds at ANY time.

Any conflicts that occur between the Seller and Buyer must be dealt with in Bancroft, ON. Any legal fees required to solve conflicts between the Seller and Buyer MUST be paid for by the Buyer.

I have read this Puppy Purchase Contract and fully understand it and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. 

Sellers Signiature:____________________________________________________________________ 

Buyers Signiature:____________________________________________________________________

Witness Signiature:___________________________________________________________________ 

Enjoy Your Aussie! We ask that you keep please keep us updated with pictures as your new pet matures!